A thank you to Mykal Amaré for stepping in as club secretary in my absence.

Those in attendance: Brian Kostecki, CC; Mykal Amaré, ACB, CL, Jim Guenther, ATMB, Janet Dowd; Chuck Furumori, CL; Wendy Cwinar; David Fisher; CC Ross; David Trise and a visit from our new Area 43 Director, Don Crawley.

Somewhat small meeting but a very good one!

Chuck Furumori, our President today; meeting was called to order at 7:45 AM.

Jim Guenther graciously stepped in to give us our Inspiration, thanks Jim.

Chuck filled the role of Toastmaster for this meeting. The theme he chose was “Food.”

Our Word of the day was Proclivity, was given to us by David Fisher, who also was our Table Topic Master. Topic was: “What is the best thing you ever ate, what was the worst thing you ever ate?” Or what was the best food you ever made and the worst meal and the worst meal you ever made?” Everyone chose the first one.

Wendy Cwinar gave us some great humor from the “The Pretty Good Joke Book.”

Brian was our Timer and Vote counter. Don agreed to be our Grammarian. General Evaluator was David Trise.

Speaker Evaluators were Mykal, Chuck and David Fisher. Mykal agreed to take notes for Josh.

There were three very good speeches today speeches today.

First was Janet Dowd with a manual speech, CC manual “Your Body Speaks.” Title “Planners and Just-in-Timers.” This was a speech where the planners meet the just in timers. Each have a purpose, however sometimes the just in timers are just plain out of luck.

Chuck was our second speaker. His speech was also a manual speech, CC manual #9. The title was “Another Reality.” A great fun filled speech about “virtual reality.” Chuck gave us many facts on this topic, very passionate speech.

Don Crawley our Area Director gave us a speech (manual – Fact Finding Report). Title was “Why Speak Publicly.” He gave us 5 reasons why to become a public speaker and why to become a Toastmaster. Thank you Don for sharing this information.

The winners today are for speech—Chuck and Don; table topic—David Fisher and no clean slate winner today.

The Humorous Speech and Table Topic Speech contest is coming up. Area 43 Contest will be on September 13th in Kent. We can send 2 speakers in each category. There is also an opportunity for members to step forward to volunteer in a variety of positions.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:59AM

Reminder: no meeting on September 2.

Mykal Amaré