There were 18 Earlybirds on the ship this morning led by Captain Steve Iwai who took the helm when we were about to go into uncharted waters.

Guests, Barbara, Mikal, Mark and Fred were welcome additions to the group.

Our wordmaster Jean Manwaring gave me a new definition of the word aloof which comes from sailing, in which ships keep clear of coastal rocks by holding the vessel “luff”—”to the windward”; so, to hold “a-luff” means to “keep clear.” We also learned she has distant relatives in the early dictionary business.

Three beautiful women gave us three beautiful speeches.

  • Kim bid for our attention with her speech “A bid for love”
  • Nannette gave us an icebreaker cleverly done by writing her way through the milestones of her life.
  • Tersa Jordan took us on the “chocolate mile” rewarded in the end with a hunky fireman bearing Tiffany necklaces.

Humberto was a thoughtful and insightful speaker evaluator heaping each speaker with praise and giving them one thing to improve upon.

Scott led off table topics with five pieces of good world news – The ozone hole above the Antarctic is shrinking!!!

Kelsey has an end to termites, a leaky roof and a remodel within her sight.

Peter has rediscovered the “Green Square”

Brian shared the winning of an HD TV.

Mark shared the good news that there is life after retirment (and that some people actually get to retire)

Eddie took his resignation as a sign of good news to evaluate what’s next in his life.

Teresa shared the good news that Journey is still alive and performing.

Beth shared the good news of a free lunch.

Kelsey shared a positive evaluation of our captain and mates for the journey and the meeting was a wrap!

See you next time!